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All about neck rejuvenation

All about neck rejuvenation
Aug 17, 2023

The skin on your body may also age, not just on your face. Your neck's skin exhibits aging symptoms brought on by environmental toxins, UV damage, and bad lifestyle choices. The number one issue for many people is an aging neck contour with wrinkles and drooping skin. Long before our mind realizes that we are in fact aging, the first symptoms of aging begin to manifest. Years before we begin to worry about aging, factors like sun exposure, pollution, stress, and life in general leave their scars on our skin. Our neck, we dare say, is the first place that provides us hints about what is yet to come.

Our neck skin, which is covered in a layer of skin that is substantially thinner than that on our face, loses skin flexibility and collagen years before we begin our battle against wrinkles. Certain neck muscles become more obvious when they lose fat deposits brought on by age or weight reduction, which causes neck wrinkles, drooping skin, a double chin, and the dreaded "turkey neck". These muscles are also referred to as neck bands, platysmal muscles, and platysma bands. Due to this, those who wish to alter the appearance of their aged skin may want to think about a nonsurgical operation known as a "neck lift."

Why do neck bands develop?


Recent studies, however, have found that vertical neck lines are not just a result of drooping skin, a decline in skin laxity, or a loss of muscle tone. According to recent studies, the visible vertical lines on the neck are caused by muscular action, and loose skin is the result rather than the cause.

How to prevent neck aging?

No matter how much kale we consume, we can't halt the aging process, but minimizing sun exposure and wearing sunscreen every day can help keep our skin supple and avoid collagen loss and crepey skin. People who are self-conscious about the appearance of their necks should also stay away from tanning beds and always wear wide-brimmed hats while they are outside.

Use antiaging products on neck

Both your skincare regimen and protection should include the upper chest and neck. On your neck, use retinoids and a vitamin C serum, and don't forget to hydrate the region. Fine lines and wrinkles are concealed by hydrated skin. Make sure to concentrate on the neck and relax it whenever you can if you enjoy high-intensity workouts or you lift big weights.

various non-surgical neck lift procedures

While not a complete list of your possibilities, the following nonsurgical techniques are frequently used to reduce the appearance of aging in the neck skin.


Wrinkles can be made to look less noticeable with the use of injectable treatments like Botox (injection of botulinum toxin type A). Many physicians use Botox injections along the neck and vertical neck bands—even though they are off-label—to reduce neck muscular movement and ease the downward-pulling motion of the neck muscle. Botox is almost painless, has little to no recovery time, and is quick to do. You must get a treatment every three to four months to keep the results.

Fractionated ablative laser treatment

A section of the skin can be treated while the surrounding area is left untreated with a fractionated technique, hastening the healing process. The first two layers of skin may be selectively destroyed by this laser, causing heat damage that causes the skin to contract and produce new collagen. Up to 10 days may pass during downtime. Fractional CO2 neck rejuvenation is a long-lasting therapeutic option for patients with jowling and loose skin.


Dermal fillers

If the botulinum injections are unable to achieve the necessary amount of improvement, dermal fillers are a possibility. Dermal fillers, which are injected under the skin to add volume to the area behind the neck bands and plump up the skin, include a gel-like material, such as hyaluronic acid or poly-L-lactic acid. The effects are immediately noticeable when the surgery is finished and might endure for up to 12 months.

However, according to professionals, dermal fillers combined with Botox injections produce the best outcomes for platysmal bands and horizontal neck bands. The patient will see softer neck skin and a lifted jaw within a few days following the procedure.


Some people develop extra fat in their upper neck and under their chin.

Kybella is advised to enhance neck shape when there is a light quantity of neck fat and firm, high-quality skin overlaying the area. Deoxycholic acid, an injectable substance that disintegrates and metabolizes fat cells, is the main ingredient of Kybella. The procedure lasts for around 30 minutes, and recovery is often quick. But for a few days, you can have swelling or redness where the injection was made. Results will be visible i4 to 6 weeks later.

devices utilizing radio frequencies

Skin laxity and wrinkles can be treated non-invasively with radiofrequency and microneedling. It combines radiofrequency and microneedling to replicate collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid in the body naturally.


A doctor uses microneedling to rejuvenate the skin by inserting tiny, short needles into it. Microneedling has the advantage of resurfacing the top layer of skin and enhancing the tightening effects of radiofrequency radiation by further stimulating the creation of collagen and elastin. Bipolar radiofrequency and radiofrequency technology combined with microneedling allows medical professionals to treat a wider variety of patients with different degrees of skin laxity. These individuals include those who are younger and whose soft tissue laxity is recurring after prior surgery as well as those whose laxity isn't severe enough for excision treatments


The last option for individuals with deeply grooved neck bands that remain apparent even after numerous Botox treatments is often platysmaplasty, or neck surgery. The operation can be done on its own or in conjunction with a facelift, and the benefits start to show after a few months.

The platysma muscles will be rebuilt, the split sides will be joined, and the platysma will be tightened by a series of tiny incisions made by the face plastic surgeon behind the chin and behind the ears. Although the operation sharpens the jawline and significantly reduces the look of neck bands, it has greater adverse effects than Botox injections and needs at least one week to recover from.

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