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All You Need To Know About CO2 Fractional Laser Rejuvenation

All You Need To Know About CO2  Fractional Laser Rejuvenation
Feb 20, 2023

If you've struggled with bad skin, you know how much it can impact your life. Feeling confident and showing off your best self is complex when you're worried about breakouts, acne scars, or uneven texture. But the good news is that safe and effective treatments can help you get the flawless skin you've always wanted. One of the best unique interventions these days is the Fractional CO2 Laser.


So, what is the Fractional CO2 Laser? Essentially, it's a procedure that uses laser technology to remove the outer layers of your skin. By doing so, it reveals the fresh, new skin underneath that's free of scars, blemishes, and other imperfections. It's a reliable means to get the smooth, glowing skin you've always wanted. Want to learn more about fixing your skin issues, then don't worry; our blog has got you covered with everything you need to know about it, from the procedure to the benefits and even the aftercare treatment. Get started on your journey to healthier and smoother skin today.


The Science Behind Fractional Laser Rejuvenation

CO2 laser rejuvenation is a skin treatment that uses lasers to improve the appearance of the skin. The lasers use carbon dioxide (CO2) energy to remove damaged skin and stimulate new skin growth. In fractional laser treatment, only a portion of the skin is treated at a time, which allows for faster healing and less downtime compared to the traditional CO2 Laser, where the entire skin surface is treated. This method allows for less skin damage and helps reduce the risk of complications. The laser energy helps to tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and other signs of aging. CO2 fractional laser rejuvenation is a potent solution to renew the skin and achieve a more youthful and refreshed appearance.


Who is a Good Candidate?

A suitable candidate for this treatment is someone with bad skin conditions, such as fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, sun damage, or uneven skin tone. They should also be over 30 years old and in good health. If you have dark skin, you may need to take extra precautions because there is a higher risk of side effects like darkening of the skin or hyperpigmentation. It's important to talk to a professional before getting this procedure done to make sure it's right for you.


Preparing for the Treatment: 

Before getting the treatment, it is vital to prepare correctly. This may include avoiding certain skincare products that can irritate, avoiding sun exposure, and discussing any medical conditions or medications with the provider. Understanding the procedure and what to expect once treated is also a good idea. In the course of the healing, the practitioner will use a laser to make tiny wounds on the skin. It will cause the skin to recover and produce new, healthy tissue. To get the best results, it's essential to follow the instructions given by the dermatologist for aftercare.


What to expect during the procedure?

During the procedure, the Laser will be used to create microscopic columns of heat in your skin. This process helps to stimulate the production of collagen, a protein that is important for keeping your skin looking youthful and healthy. The columns of heat will also help remove damaged skin cells, leading to a smoother and more even skin texture. Some people may undergo some redness, puffiness, or other side effects after the practice, but these should go away within a few days.


What are the long Term Benefits?

CO2 Laser resurfacing is a versatile procedure that can aptly treat a range of skin issues, both cosmetic and medical. This treatment can help improve the appearance of visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles and age spots, as well as reduce the appearance of scars and sun damage:


Fine lines and wrinkles:

It is a popular cosmetic procedure that can help reduce the image of fine lines and wrinkles on the face. It is particularly effective in treating crow's feet, wrinkles around the eyes, as well as lines and wrinkles on the forehead and around the mouth. Not only does CO2 Laser resurfacing produce immediate results in reducing the appearance of wrinkles, but it can also encourage collagen production over time, improving the overall health and quality of the skin. With this treatment, you can achieve a more youthful, revitalized appearance and enjoy the benefits of healthier skin.


Sun-damaged skin:

Being in the sun and exposed to UV light can make your skin look older by causing wrinkles, sagging, rough texture, liver spots, and spider veins. CO2 laser treatment can help reduce the attire of all these signs of aging.


Baggy Eyes:

Sometimes, excess skin around the upper and lower eyelids can make your eyes look droopy or baggy. CO2 lasers can make your eyes look less flabby and more youthful by tightening the skin around them. If you don't like the way your eyes look saggy and tired, CO2 lasers might be a good choice to help.


Acne Scars:

CO2 laser treatment can help reduce the appearance of acne scars by making collagen, which tightens and smooths the scars. According to a 2018 study, using it with different treatments like microneedling and chemical peel together may work better for ice-pick-type acne scars.



In case you have a stubborn wart that won't go away, a dermatologist may suggest using CO2 lasers to treat it. CO2 lasers use a beam of light to vaporize the wart tissue, which can help get rid of the wart.


Sebaceous Hyperplasia:

Sebaceous hyperplasia is a condition where a gland on the skin gets enlarged and causes a small, waxy bump, usually on the face. Although harmless, some people choose to have them removed for cosmetic reasons. CO2 lasers are often used to remove these bumps, and they are effective at preventing them from growing back.


Skin Cancer:

CO2 lasers help prevent or treat skin cancers. They shrink and destroy the affected tissue without causing much bleeding or harm to the surrounding area. Dermatologists may use CO2 lasers to treat pre-cancerous growths called actinic keratoses or certain types of early-stage skin cancer.


Maintenance and Follow-up Treatments:

After the treatment, it is important to follow proper skincare instructions for the best results. This includes keeping the skin hydrated, avoiding sun exposure, using a gentle cleanser and moisturizer. It is recommended to avoid picking at any scabs or crusts that may form, as this can cause scarring or an infection. Your doctor may also prescribe skin-soothing cream or ointment to help with any discomfort or redness. It's important to follow up with your doctor for post-treatment check-ups to assess the progress of your skin's healing and discuss any further treatments that may be necessary.


Potential Side Effects and Risks:

As with many aesthetic techniques, CO2 laser resurfacing carries some risks. However, you can reduce your risk of complications by choosing a reputable, board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon to perform the treatment. These qualified healthcare providers have undergone rigorous training and experience safely performing the procedure. It can also come with potential side effects and risks, such as:


  • Redness and swelling can occur for a few days after the procedure.
  • Scarring is rare but can occur in people with prone skin.
  • The treated area may become lighter or darker than the surrounding skin, especially in people with darker skin.
  • Infection is only possible if the treated area is not kept clean and dry.
  • Eye injury can occur if the Laser is used near the eyes.
  • Pain is common, particularly in areas where the skin is thin.
  • It may trigger cold sore outbreaks in people who are prone to them.


Final Thoughts:

Fractional CO2 Laser is a powerful technology to radiant your skin and addresses a variety of skin concerns. Seeking a qualified and trained specialist is vital to ensure your safety and satisfaction with the results. At OC Beauty Med Spa, we offer top-notch Fractional CO2 Laser services customized to meet your unique needs. We highly recommend trying our services for an exceptional skin revitalization experience. Say hello to healthier and more youthful-looking skin with Fractional CO2 Laser at OC Beauty Med Spa.

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