An expert nonsurgical approach to create a more V-shape oval face

An expert nonsurgical approach to create a more V-shape oval face
Nov 02, 2022

In the past ten years, the world of beauty has transformed, and more individuals are turning to natural means of achieving their ideal appearance. There are non-surgical alternatives to get a more V-shaped face for people who have been informed by friends or family that they have a long face. Let's look at several non-surgical ways to have a balanced profile and a face that is thinner.

What defines a face's shape?

Genetics and bone structure play a major role in determining the contour of our faces. The facial shape can also be influenced by various variables throughout time, such as weight increase, insufficient sleep, stress, medicine, disease, and bruxism (excessive teeth grinding). The face's form changes as a result of aging and elasticity loss in the skin. A formerly oval face tends to get squared up by lax skin, while weight gain can make a V-shaped face appear more round.

What Does a V-Shaped Face Mean?

The human face is virtually symmetrical by nature, yet each person's face is somewhat distinct in shape. While having enough fat in the cheek area offers the skin the fullness that many women prefer when they are younger, a long, narrow face and a strong jawline tend to project a more masculine appearance.

The "oval" or "diamond" shaped face is the most appealing and sought-after facial form among women. The feminine, young aspect of this V-shaped face attracts attention to the center rather than the sides of the face.

Why Do People Prefer V-Shaped Faces?

The most common face shape specially in Asia is the V Shape Face because most people find it to be "attractive" and "youthful." Some people decide to thin down their faces for aesthetic purposes or to resemble particular superstars.

How to Get a V-Shape Face Without Surgery

There are several non-surgical techniques to alter the contour of your face. Medical aesthetic clinics in the USA are presently engaged in the practice of face slimming. Selecting a trained practitioner is the first stage in the slimming process since this technique needs to be done correctly to prevent any adverse effects like severe muscle fibrosis or nerve damage, which can cause difficulties later.


Jawline Toning

A person with a squarish face shape or squarish jawline, frequently as a result of a disorder called bruxism, is a good candidate for the jawline slimming procedure using injections of botulinum type A. (excessive teeth grinding). The electrical impulses that cause the face muscles to contract are blocked by botulinum. It can be injected into your muscles as a cosmetic component to momentarily suppress nervous system impulses that direct particular muscles to contract.

How does getting Botox help in jawline slimming?

Although the V-shape therapy is less common, botulinum works often for treating wrinkles. It will relax the masseter muscle (the chewing muscle) when injected, causing it to decrease volume over time. After consistent treatment, this can dramatically alter the structure of the face by softening the look of the jawline. The cheekbones and chin, which are hallmark features of a V-shaped face, become more prominent as a result of a narrower jawline.  This surgery is frequently combined with using dermal fillers to contour the chin.

Skin Filler Therapy

Injecting Dermal Filler into the chin is the greatest approach to give volume to a thin or skinny chin. By virtually lengthening your face and establishing a symmetrical profile, dermal fillers injected under the skin under your chin can give you a more feminine appearance and give your face a more V-shaped form.

Where to put filler to have more oval shape face

In order to make your face more oval-shaped, doctors also employ dermal fillers to give volume to regions that have lost volume, including your cheeks. This process is perfect for people who don't enjoy having to rest for a lengthy period of time because it is quick and painless.

Radiofrequency(RF) microneedling treatment

The newest method of reshaping your face without surgery is radiofrequency microneedling. We may now tighten the skin on the entire face and neck as well as remove double chin fats to enhance the jawline thanks to this fantastic new advancement in the cosmetic business! With this technique, there is extremely little downtime after treatment and very little discomfort since it targets exactly where you want results.

How does it work?

Face contouring is the process of returning the face's oval form, including the chin, to its complete, balanced state. RF-microneedling in aesthetics is widely recognized for its ability to firm up and tighten the skin of the face. The radiofrequency waves will specifically encourage the formation of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin by entering the skin.

What may I anticipate following the treatments?

You may probably have a little swelling and bruising at the treatment sites after these sessions. Within a day or two, this ought to get considerably better. The majority of people get through the procedure painlessly.

Results from chin filler are visible right away, whereas BTX treatment for jaw reduction relaxes the muscles and causes a 20%–30% reduction in size. The best effects, which include a sharper, more defined V-shaped jaw, take around 3 to 4 weeks to manifest.

Results from RF-microneedling should start showing 3 to 4 weeks after treatment since it takes time for collagen formation to result in tighter, raised skin. Some people could see effects more quickly.

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