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Do oral vitamins help skin health?

Do oral vitamins help skin health?
Aug 31, 2022


What are the best skin supplements?

Most of us have a tendency to concentrate on moisturizers, creams, serums, and toners while developing a natural skin care routine. While they are unquestionably crucial, the real key to healthy skin lies under the skin's surface. In fact, supplementing with a good selection of skin-friendly vitamins or incorporating them into your diet is just as important as loading up on cosmetics What vitamins are therefore beneficial for skin, and which vitamins are beneficial for dry skin or other particular skin issues like acne, aging, or redness? What you should know is as follows.

Vitamin Function in Skin Health

Vitamins are essential necessary for sustaining general health and wellness, and more and more research in recent years has shown that vitamins are also quite important for the health of your skin. Other substances have also been demonstrated to have skin-improving qualities and have been connected to a variety of skin-related changes, including increases in skin elasticity and decreases in cellulite and stretch marks.

What do vitamins do in the body?

What then are vitamins? A class of chemical substances known as vitamins are essential for skin health as well as growth and development in many other areas of the body.

A number of processes that are crucial to maintaining healthy skin include cellular renewal, collagen formation, defense against sun spots, and others. Taking certain vitamin supplements may advance your skin care regimen and maintain your skin healthy and radiant when combined with a wholesome diet and active lifestyle.

Is the use of vitamin supplements required by everyone?

Supplementing with more vitamins won't help skin health if a person's diet already contains enough of them. Eating a diet high in healthy fats, such as olive oil, fish, nuts, and seeds, as well as colorful (purple, red, orange, yellow, blue, and green) fruits and vegetables is one of the finest things a person can do to use nutrition to their advantage for skin health. The fats maintain healthy, flexible skin that can hold onto moisture. The vibrant meals include several anti-inflammatory and antioxidant phytonutrients in addition to essential vitamins.

Vitamin D

Skin health is only one of the many areas of health where vitamin D is essential. As a result of its role in the development and maturation of skin cells, vitamin D may even be helpful in the treatment of some skin disorders, such as psoriasis.


Unfortunately, the majority of us are deficient in this important vitamin; according to certain research, the vitamin D status of the American population is considered to be 41 percent below average. This is why it's especially crucial to think about supplementing if you're not receiving regular sun exposure or loading up on vitamin D foods like salmon, cod liver oil, or tuna, since vitamin D is one of the top vitamins for radiant skin, immunological function, bone health, and more.

Vitamin A

One of the first lines of defense against skin problems like acne and aging is vitamin A. In fact, a research revealed that taking vitamin A pills in a modest quantity helped to reduce moderate acne over the course of three months. Retinol, a vitamin A derivative, has been demonstrated in several previous trials to have anti-aging properties when applied topically to skin.

But keep in mind that topical vitamin A cream in the form of retinoids is often advised above oral supplements since excessive vitamin A consumption can cause toxicity and raise the risk of significant side effects including birth abnormalities and bone loss. To prevent negative side effects, stick to consuming vitamin A from food sources or limit supplementation to the recommended daily dose.

Vitamin C

It is generally known that vitamin C has antioxidant characteristics and the power to combat free radicals, which help to shield the body from oxidative stress and cell damage. Additionally, one of the best skin vitamins can help prevent UV damage, promote collagen production to help with wrinkle healing, and keep skin smooth and supple. The best approach to receive vitamin C is always from dietary sources like citrus fruits and vegetables, but you may also take vitamin C pills or a serum or cream with vitamin C for your face and body.

Vitamin E

With more than 50 years of usage in dermatology, vitamin E has a long history as a crucial vitamin for skin. Research demonstrates that vitamin E, a common component in both cosmetics and skin care products, can scavenge dangerous free radicals to maintain skin health and also has photoprotective qualities to protect skin from UV damage.

Additionally, research show that vitamin E and vitamin E oil may be some of the most potent hair vitamins available in addition to supporting skin health. One research established vitamin E as one of the best vitamins for hair development by demonstrating that supplementing with it caused participants who were experiencing hair loss to grow 34.5 percent more hair over an eight-month period.


A water-soluble B vitamin called biotin is frequently promoted as one of the best vitamins for healthy hair, skin, and nails. It is deserved of its position as one of the most crucial vitamins for skin and hair health since, while being uncommon, a shortage in it can cause hair loss and scaly, red rashes on the skin.

Although the usefulness of this vitamin in its usage as one of the primary supplements for radiant skin and healthy hair is still under investigation, it is obvious that a deficiency can be harmful to your skin. Make sure to consume a lot of foods high in biotin, or choose a multivitamin or supplement to help make up the difference in your diet.


Multivitamins may be a helpful supplement to help balance your diet and provide a variety of essential micronutrients, such as vitamins for dry skin, vitamins for suppleness in the skin, and more. The majority of multivitamins include a balanced combination of vitamins, minerals, and other substances that are excellent for your health and can help you avoid nutritional deficiencies and satisfy your demands.

Do multivitamins thus work?

Multivitamins may not be necessary for everyone, but individuals with restricted diets or higher nutritional demands may benefit from taking them. A multivitamin can assist boost a person's intake of essential vitamins for good skin while also supporting general health. This is especially true for vegans and vegetarians, individuals with reduced food intake, and those who have recently had weight reduction surgery.

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