Does Botox work on excessive sweating?

Does Botox work on excessive sweating?
Jan 07, 2022

Sweating is natural when you're overheated or under stress. Are you worried about a job interview? Your underarms become wet and sticky as a result of this. In a hot yoga session, holding a plank position? Sweat is dripping down your brow. You may have Hyperhidrosis if you sweat for no apparent cause and no over-the-counter or prescription antiperspirants have helped.

The social aspects of excessive sweeting or Hyperhidrosis

Sweating, on the other hand, isn't only a small annoyance or embarrassment for some people. Excessive sweating may be a source of such deep embarrassment and worry for individuals who suffer from it, causing us to add extra cooling-off time to our schedules or even skip plans entirely.

What is excessive sweeting or Hyperhidrosis?

Some people with hyperhidrosis sweat all year, but nothing beats the summer months for making us appear like we've jumped into a pool after just a few minutes outside. Before you completely give up the outdoors, keep in mind that there are a variety of therapy alternatives accessible.

The sweat glands are overactive in Hyperhidrosis

When the body temperature rises, the nervous system normally stimulates the sweat glands. This is how body cools down on its own. the sweat glands nerves are hyperactive in persons with hyperhidrosis.

Botox injection can significantly reduce sweating

Botox and other neuromodulators are useful for more than simply reducing wrinkles and creases. They also prevent sweat glands from performing correctly and generating sweat by blocking communication between neurons and sweat glands. It's now certified for perspiration reduction in the armpits for around six months, but it might also work for sweating on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet.

Botox blocks the nerve signals responsible for sweating

Botox injections into locations with hyperactive sweat glands can be used to treat excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis. during treatment, the targeted location will be injected Botox , where it blocks the nerve impulses that activate sweat glands, much like it inhibits the nerve signals that relax and prevent movement in muscles.

It's most effective in the armpits, where 50 units are routinely given on each side. Body odor is also reduced. Bacteria that flourish in warm, damp environments produce the stinky odour from sweaty pits. If you get rid of the moisture, the stink will go gone as well. Botox injections are intended to decrease excessive sweating to a normal or slightly less-than-average level. Sweating is still common in most people, although it varies from person to person.

How deep Botox is injected?

Botox is injected superficially using a fine-gauge needle. There should be no more than a few pinpricks of pain. However, because the procedure necessitates so many injections, we may apply numbing cream and/or ice to the region prior to the procedure to prevent discomfort.

What’s it like to get Botox injections?

Botox injections are most effective when administered by a trained professional. Injections are quick and may be performed during a visit to the our office. A thin needle will be used to inject the Botox drug just under the skin's surface. Several injections will be given in a grid arrangement around your problem location. As soon as your Botox injections are finished, you may return to work and daily life. We may request that you return for a follow-up session to check in and touch up any areas that were missed.

What need I do to be ready for the procedure?

Botox injections are a simple and quick treatment that may be completed in the comfort of our clinic. We usually advise that you refrain from shaving your armpits two or three days before your visit. We may urge you to cease taking blood thinners for a few days before your injections to avoid bruising. Any drugs you're taking should be disclosed to us.

After therapy, what to expect

After obtaining Botox injections, you can immediately resume your daily activities. Sweating in the treated region might take anywhere from two to seven days to end. Total dryness might take up to two weeks.
Botox's benefits are just transitory, so you'll need further injections in the future. Dryness might linger anywhere from four to fourteen months for underarm sweating. For the hands and feet, the results may not stay as long, and you may need to repeat your treatment in around six months.

Does it need any follow up treatment?

We'll see you for a follow-up visit around two weeks following your Botox treatment, once you've experienced the full benefits of the Botox. We may do a "touch ups" of missed places during this appointment.
If you have a medical diagnosis for hyperhidrosis, your insurance may pay Botox therapy—but you'll probably need to have tried other treatment options first, such as prescription antiperspirant.

Does this treatment make it difficult for the body to chill down?

No, even though sweat is important to cool your body, lowering sweating in a few tiny spots won't hinder your body's capacity to cool down since each part of your body that sweats contains just a fraction of your total sweat glands. Only 2% of your body's sweat is produced in your underarms.

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