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Does smoking harm skin?

Does smoking harm skin?
Oct 13, 2022

There may not be a formula for perpetual youth, but there is a surefire way to appear older. Smoking accelerates the aging process by negatively affecting your skin, teeth, and hair. It affects your capacity to conceive as well as the resilience of your bones, heart, and lungs.

youthfulness and early aging

The toxins in cigarette smoke harm collagen and elastin, the fiber components of your skin that give it strength and suppleness. Without them, your skin would be stiff and lose its flexibility, which would result in deeper wrinkles and premature aging.

These wrinkles on your face—those between your brows, those close to your eyes, and those close to your mouth and lips—are frequently the most noticeable. Smoking can also cause skin to sag, especially around the eyes and jawline. Smokers frequently experience wrinkles far early than non-smokers.

How does smoking harm the skin?

Because smoking lowers vitamin A levels in the skin, encourages the production of free radicals, and constricts blood vessels, which limits the amount of oxygen your skin receives, smoking hastens the aging process. Furthermore, smoking while pursed lips raises the chance of getting vertical lines around the mouth.


Skin darkening

Smoking increases the amount of melanin in the skin, which can lead to dark spots, especially on the face.  Some skin tones may become yellow from repeatedly holding cigarettes between the same fingers due to the nicotine and other compounds in cigarettes (commonly referred to as tar). According to studies, smokers who have tar on their fingers are more likely to become ill as a result of smoking.



Injury Recovery

Smoking causes vascular constriction, which lowers the body's ability to circulate blood and delays the healing of wounds. Even minor cuts and scratches may take longer to heal properly if you smoke. Smoking may make these minor wounds more likely to result in scarring. Since smoking hinders the healing of a skin incision, the majority of doctors advise their patients to quit before surgery.

Skin Cancer

Cigarette smoke includes substances known as carcinogens that can lead to cancer. If you smoke, your risk of developing skin cancers squamous cell carcinoma increases.

Squamous cell carcinoma might show up as rough or scaly patches, raised lumps, open sores, or growths that mimic warts on your skin. In contrast to light skin tones, dark skin tones may have brown growths. Inform your doctor if you notice any unusual skin textures, such as those mentioned above. Smoking is the most common risk factor for oral squamous cell carcinoma, a particular type of mouth cancer.

Poor Skin Tone

Chronic smoking depletes the skin's supply of oxygen and nutrients. As a result, some smokers become paler while others change their skin tone these changes can start at an early age. We don't often notice a lot of uneven skin tone in young nonsmokers but smokers experience this faster development.

Slouching Skin

More than 4,000 compounds, including some that cause collagen and elastin to break down, are present in cigarette smoke. These fibers are responsible for the flexibility and strength of your skin. Smoking and even breathing in secondhand smoke degrades the basic components of the skin and cause drooping skin as the results.

Sagging Arms and Breasts

Smoking may harm your body as well as your face, with the latter suffering the most. Parts of the skin that were formerly firm may start to sag as the skin loses its elasticity. The inner arms and breasts are included in this. According to research, smoking is the main factor contributing to drooping breasts.

Lip Fractional Lines

Smoking strikes the region surrounding your mouth twice. The smoker's pucker is first. According to Keri, smokers engage certain muscles around their lips, which results in dynamic wrinkles that nonsmokers do not. You also experience elasticity loss. Deep lines around the lips may result from the combination of these circumstances.

Age Spots

Blotches of darker skin are called age spots, and they frequently appear on the hands and cheeks. Although anybody may get these spots from overexposure to the sun, evidence indicates smokers are more prone.

Fingers with Marks

Consider the how a cigarette resting between your fingers makes your hand appear seductive. Look closely at your fingernails and hand skin if you have been smoking for some time. In addition to teeth, tobacco may also color the skin, nails, and hair. The good news is that after you stop smoking, these stains usually disappear.

Hair Loss

Smoking can hasten the thinning of hair that both men and women experience as they become older. Even some research claim that smokers have a higher chance of developing baldness. Smoking is a blatant risk factor for male-pattern baldness in Asian males, according to Taiwanese researchers.

Crow's Feet Eye Wrinkles

On the exterior of the eyes, wrinkles ultimately appear on everyone, but smokers experience an earlier onset and deeper wrinkles. Visible crow's feet are caused by heat from smoking cigarettes and trying to keep smoke out of your eyes. The skin tissues and blood vessels around your eyes are also internally harmed by toxins from cigarette inhalation.

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