Everything About Under-Eye Dark Circles And How To Fight Them

Everything About Under-Eye Dark Circles And How To Fight Them
Feb 02, 2023

If you have bags or dark circles under your eyes, people may make unfavorable comments about how worn out you look. Actually, there are several reasons why black circles appear. It's not necessarily related to not getting enough sleep. 

Though exhaustion may appear to be the most common cause, there are really a number of other factors that contribute to dark circles.

Continue reading to find out more about under-eye circles.

Why They Appear

Dark circles on your under eyes may occur for a variety of reasons. Typical causes include: 


Dark circles under your eyes might develop as a result of lack of sleep, excessive exhaustion, or simply staying up later than usual. Lack of sleep can make your skin appear to be pale and dull. Your skin's dark tissues and blood vessels may also start to inevitably swell up. 

Additionally, a lack of sleep can cause fluid to collect behind your eyes, giving those areas a puffy appearance. The shadows cast by bulging eyelids may make the dark circles appear even more intense.

Age Natural 

Aging is another major cause of under-eye dark circles. 

Your skin becomes thinner as you age. It's possible that the collagen and lipids that keep your skin’s elasticity will decline. The exposed dark blood veins beneath your skin cause the area behind your eyes to darken.


If you gaze at a computer or television screen nonstop, your eyes may get fatigued. This stress may cause the blood vessels around your eyes to enlarge. Consequently, the skin surrounding your eyes might get darker.


Allergies and dry eyes can cause dark circles. Your body releases histamines during an allergic reaction to fend off the invader. Itching, puffy, and redness of the eyes are a few of the symptoms that are exhibited because of this. Additionally, histamines enlarge your blood vessels, enhancing their visibility beneath your skin. 

When you have allergies, the itchy skin around your eyes may itch more. These actions could lead to edema, blood vessel damage, and inflammation, which would worsen your symptoms. This may cause dark shadows to form behind your eyes.


Dehydration is the most frequent cause of dark circles under the eyes. When your body is dehydrated, the skin surrounding your eyes begins to seem dull, and your eyes appear sunken. This is owing to the fact that eyes are located in the underlying bone.

Sunlight Toxicity 

The pigment that gives your skin color, melanin, may be overproduced by your body as a result of excessive sun exposure. Overexposure to the sun can intensify skin pigmentation, especially around your eyes.


Additionally, a family history of the condition might cause under-eye circles to form. Perhaps it's an inherited trait that shows itself early in life. With the passage of time, the dark circles could get much lighter or way darker. 

Additionally, dark circles under the eyes may indicate a propensity for certain illnesses, such as thyroid disease.


Anemia is a condition when your red blood cell count is below normal. You can start to feel faint, flimsy, out of breath, and worn out as a result of this. 

If you have anemia, you could also notice that your skin is paler than usual and that you have dark circles under your eyes. You should talk to a doctor about getting blood tests to check your iron levels. Dietary changes and the use of iron infusions or supplements, depending on your needs, are among the treatments for mild cases of anemia.

Should You Get Under-Eye Filler

If you believe that your eyes look tired and worn out even when you're well-rested, eye fillers may be an option for you. 

Many people might decide to have an under-eye filler because the eyes are one of the first areas to show signs of aging. Deep indentations and a worn-out or sunken expression are characteristics of the undereye hollow, also known as the tear trough. It's possible that deep tear troughs are the source of shadows that resemble black circles. A hereditary predisposition to hyperpigmentation or allergies like rosacea, which make blood vessels appear, may also contribute to eye issues.

What Can You Do To Fight Them With Under Eyes Fillers

Hyaluronic acid is used in under-eye fillers like Restylane, Juvederm, and Belotero is used to provide volume to the hollow or sagging area under the eye. This is a very simple yet popular procedure at OC Beauty Medspa in Orange County.

The Procedure

Before the injections start, you can be asked if you want numbing cream to be applied. If so, we won't start the procedure until you are completely numb in the under-eye area. Then, we will inject small amounts of hyaluronic acid filler into the hollow area behind each of your eyes. The procedure ought to only take a few minutes.


Under-eye fillers require almost minimal recuperation time. Soon after the operation, you can swagger back to work or wherever else you need to be. However, you might endure minor bruising and swelling, which will go away in a few days. Applying an ice pack helps reduce the swelling. 

Avoiding vigorous exercise for at least a day after the treatment is another piece of advice for aftercare. Additionally, for a few days after the procedure, you should sleep with your head elevated and face up.

Here at OC Beauty Medspa, we don't discriminate. Not only do we cater to the needs of women but also of men! In our Men's Skin Treatment division at OC Beauty Medspa, we provide a variety of services, including Men's botox at Newport Beach, Men's Filler Treatment, Men's Laser Hair Removal, and Men's Nonsurgical Lifting. For more details, get in touch with us today, and a member of staff will be more than happy to help!

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