How Botox can elevate the corners of the mouth?

How Botox can elevate the corners of the mouth?
Mar 16, 2022

'Have a good time!' Even if you're in a great mood, if the corners of your lips dip down while your face is relaxed, it might look like you're unhappy or sad. Do you have a snoozing frown? The corners of the mouth might draw downward over time, and permanent lines can emerge, exaggerating the frown.  Drooping corners are frequently linked to mouth wrinkles. They arise when the muscles that hold the corners of the mouth down during regular facial imitation fail to release and stay clenched thereafter.

Men and women can have downturned corners of the mouth as a result of genetics and gravity, giving them an angry or unhappy appearance. This phenomenon is known as a permafrown, and it can make patients feel self-conscious and make them look older than they are.

Treatment for Permafrown

Nobody wants to appear angry or depressed all of the time. You may have a permafrown if people repeatedly ask you what's wrong. Various muscles influence the corner of the mouth. When the corner of the mouth is depressed, the depressors outwork the elevators in general. This isn't a good situation. People appear to be older, angrier, and more fatigued as a result of this. That is something we want to get rid of. . Lip lines at the corners of the mouth can be treated with Botox injections, which relax the muscles that pull your lips into a permafrown.

Where do you inject Botox to fix my mouth's drooping corners?

So, what are our options? The elevators win if we knock out or partially knock out the depressors. Let's have a look at the muscles. The depressor anguli oris, or DAO, is a triangle muscle that connects to the corner of the mouth and draws it down.

It doesn't take much botulinum toxin to achieve this in general, and if your practitioner charges by the unit, as we do in the forehead area, it's a rather affordable injection. Per side, we just employ four to five units.

Botox for a Corner of the Mouth Lift: What to Expect?

Botox injections to raise the corners of the mouth are a quick and painless procedure for the majority of patients. Patients may continue their normal activities and return to their busy lives following the treatment, which takes around 10-15 minutes.

How long does it take for Botox to take effect in the corners of my mouth?

There is essentially no recovery period with botulinum toxin, as with any other toxin. You are free to return to work right away. Swelling ranges from nothing to a teeny-tiny amount. you are even free to go to the gym. You can engage in any form of activity. There is no such thing as downtime. If you have fillers in addition to the botulinum toxin, or if you have a procedure done in addition to the botulinum toxin, you may experience some downtime. Botulinum toxin in the corner of the mouth, on the other hand, has the advantage of requiring no downtime and being reasonably affordable.

How Soon After Injections Do You Notice Lifting?

Patients notice lifting in the corners of their mouth and the removal of their permafrown after 3-5 days of taking Botox. Friends, relatives, and coworkers may notice that they appear happier and more calm, not realizing that the difference is due to Botox for a corner of the mouth lift. The effects of the treatment can continue up to 3-4 months, after which patients will require repeated injections to maintain their effects.

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