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How Do We Treat Facial Redness?

How Do We Treat Facial Redness?
Dec 15, 2022

As we age, we frequently develop facial redness, flushing, and telangiectasia, or facial spider veins. Additionally, UV exposure, rosacea, pregnancy, or genetic conditions may cause them to appear. At OC Beauty Medspa, we have a wealth of expertise treating unattractive veins, redness, and flushing on the face to help patients achieve better looking and more comfortable skin.

Why is there redness on my face?

Facial redness is not a concern when it infrequently occurs, such as after exercise or in an unpleasant circumstance. People who frequently experience face flushing and redness notice a change in their skin tone when they exert themselves, as well as when their skin comes into touch with the wind, when they consume alcohol, or when they are anxious.

Lasers and light-based therapies for redness, flushing, and visible blood vessels.

 There may be a requirement for three to six therapy sessions. Although 1–2 treatments per year may be necessary for maintenance as rosacea is a chronic illness, results may endure for years.

How it works:

Vascular lasers release energy that is selectively absorbed by tiny, visible blood capillaries immediately below the skin's surface, including pulsed dye lasers, potassium titanyl phosphate lasers, and light-based devices like intense pulsing light (IPL). These tiny vessels subsequently close and are spontaneously evacuated as a result of the energy being transformed into heat.

Any sideeffects?

When it strikes the skin, laser energy feels like an elastic band snapping. The majority of patients take treatments well. In the first few days, skin edema, heat, and redness are frequent. Scarring and blistering are uncommon.

Additionally, light-based treatments provide a cracking sensation against the skin. IPL frequently causes transient skin reddening as a side effect.

Rules of conduct?

Never receive treatment if you have tanned skin since you run the risk of skin color changes, burns, and scars. Do think about having your treatments carried out at a clinic under a doctor's supervision. Stay away from triggers and practice excellent skincare.

Expect outcomes?

The aberrant blood vessels in the dermis will then absorb a burst of light that the laser has just delivered to the skin. During the healing process, these blood vessels will congeal and be reabsorbed by the body over the period of a few weeks.

Patients normally require three to five treatments, with minimum or no bruising (often no more than five minor bruises), while more severe treatments may result in greater bruising.

Benefits are frequently noticeable after 1–2 treatments and generally get better with time. A month separates treatments on average.


Rosacea is a long-term skin disorder that manifests as facial redness, as well as occasionally neck and chest redness. Many Rosacea sufferers are ignorant of their illness, and the specific reason is still unknown.

IPL can be used to treat Rosacea in a successful manner (IPL). IPL treats the problem by reducing inflammation, redness, pimples, and uneven skin tones with controlled light at specified wavelengths. IPL gradually and naturally improves the look of the skin, offering a mild, long-lasting remedy for patients with Rosacea. The IPL technique destroys superficial face vessels, which significantly reduces or entirely gets rid of facial redness. The vascular elements of rosacea can have a range of densities and depths, from flushing to telangiectasia. It lessens the redness while also causing neocollagenesis, which prevents the issue from recurring.

How does IPL for rosacea work?

Rosacea and some skin conditions can be effectively treated with IPL photofacial treatments, according to research. Similar to a camera flash, an IPL photofacial employs a variety of light energy wavelengths to provide a more thorough and effective skin rejuvenation procedure. The skin lesions or broken vessels originating from rosacea absorb the light from the IPL's laser technology to start the healing process. The face redness, blood vessels, and other signs of rosacea will gradually start to disappear, exposing a more even, smoother skin tone. The entire face may be treated in about 20 to 30 minutes during sessions, which are comparatively brief.

There is little to no downtime following the procedure, and you do not need to alter your normal routine or schedule because the skin is not damaged, and no wounds are made. This therapy has completely changed the game for those with chronically red skin. They now have the self-assurance they require to leave the house without worrying that they would always have a flushed face.

How many sessions of rosacea light therapy will I require?

First, it's essential to evaluate whether you are the ideal candidate for IPL photofacial treatments. You will complete a questionnaire when you arrive to OC Beauty Medspa so that we can determine your skin type more accurately. Our expert will inspect your skin, hear about your cosmetic objectives, and choose the best course of action during a confidential appointment. Each person may require a different number of IPL photofacial treatments. To clear up recurring rosacea symptoms, patients often need 3–4 treatments spaced every 4–6 weeks, along with additional treatment once a year for maintenance.

Why choose OC Beauty Medspa?


At our beauty clinic, patients are assured of receiving the highest level of care with advanced technology and procedures. In OC Beauty Med Spa, we believe in a personalized, expert aesthetic consultation for all of our patients. This is an integral part of our patients' aesthetic journey.


We strive to truly understand your goals and desires. Our team carefully listens to you and comes up with an individualized plan for you to achieve your goals. We evaluate your unique anatomy and after completing aesthetic contour and skin analysis, provide you with the best treatment plan to achieve your desired goals.


We are fully committed to you! We approach the consultation process in a relaxed and informative manner which allows you to have enough time to ask all your questions and feel comfortable and safe. Quality communication between you and our experts leads to an individualized treatment plan. We make sure you are well-informed about all available options as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each alternative.




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Here in OC Beauty Med Spa, we have genuine connections with our patients. They are not our simple clients. They are our loved family members.


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We keep in touch to address any patient complaints as quickly as possible.


Even though our patients go home after treatment, their files stay opened on our desk so we can follow up with them easily.




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