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How Mental Health Can Affect Your Skin

How Mental Health Can Affect Your Skin
Feb 15, 2022

The adage "laughing is the best medicine" has some scientific backing. According to studies, our emotions may have both beneficial and bad effects on our bodies, as well as influence the look of our skin. Meaning, how you seem and how others view you is largely influenced by your moods and perspective.

Is it possible for depression to cause skin problems?

Despair, stress and other psychological issues can worsen skin problems, creating a vicious cycle. Acne, rosacea, psoriasis, itching, eczema, discomfort, and hives are just a few of the dermatological conditions that have been shown to be exacerbated by stress.

How emotions leave their imprint on skin?


Stress is the worst enemy of youth out of all the emotions. Stress accelerates the aging of your face significantly more than the passage of time. That's because it's the most powerful activator of the stress hormone cortisol, which runs rampant in your body during times of stress. Cortisol puts a strain on every organ, causing blood vessels to become more brittle, new skin cells to grow more slowly, and cell turnover to reduce by half that's skin aging.

Stress changes level of some hormones

Because excessive levels of cortisol -the stress hormone- may break down the skin's collagen and elastin, stress can produce wrinkles. Chronic stress has been linked to an increase in inflammation, which leads to skin aging and wrinkle production. Stress impacts the proteins in your skin, causing it to lose suppleness. This elasticity loss might lead to the creation of wrinkles.

Stress changes diet

That chocolate bar, bag of salty potato chips, or seductive beverage typically looks more appealing than ever during those stressful moments. When you're anxious, you could eat different things than usual, drink less water, and consume more alcohol, resulting in dehydration. It's also possible that you'll pay less attention to your skincare regimen. While dehydration can accentuate wrinkles and fine lines, the combination of a poor diet and patchy skincare can cause acne breakouts in acne-prone people.


Anger causes your face muscles to strain, resulting in lines over time. Anger may also alter the way your skin regenerates and heals. The phenomena was ascribed to high amounts of cortisol in persons who are easily angered, which limits the formation of collagen, an important component of skin healing and a source of wrinkles when production slows.


Sadness, like anger, weighs heavy on the face and can develop wrinkles by frowning and furrowing the brows repeatedly. According to new research, facial expression has such a profound impact on skin that if you don't have the capacity to frown, you may feel less unhappy.

sadness as source of aging

Because the chemicals connected with sadness can block your body from mending inflammation in cells, long-term depression has catastrophic repercussions for your skin. These hormones have an impact on sleep, which may be seen on our appearance as large, puffy eyes and a dull, lifeless complexion. When people are unhappy, they may tense certain facial muscles, grimacing or frowning, and these unpleasant facial expressions can leave small lines and wrinkles on the face.


Embarrassment can go from the brain to the surface of your skin. The sympathetic nervous system's sensitivity controls how often and readily one flushes, as well as how hot one's skin feels. Blushing frequently and readily might be a sign of rosacea, a chronic enlarged blood vessel disorder.


The brain's initial reaction when you feel threatened or in danger, whether the threat is genuine or imagined, is to alert the adrenal glands to release epinephrine, sometimes known as adrenaline. As a consequence, your heart rate rises, pushing blood to your body's large power muscles in case you need a quick burst of energy. Adrenaline also diverts blood away from the skin and face, and constricts blood vessels in the skin to regulate and prevent bleeding if it is injured.

Effects of stress on Hairs

Men and women lose hair for a variety of reasons, but stress may be the most common cause of unexplained hair loss. When someone gets stressed, their hair might start to fall out. Hair loss is a common reaction to stress, but sufferers should consult a dermatologist to rule out other medical reasons.

Stress and Its Effects on Nails

When people are worried, their nails can display visible symptoms of tension, and some people acquire the nervous habit of biting or picking at them. People who run their fingers over their thumb nail, which can develop a ridge over the nail, are another stress-related nail habit. Because of the rubbing, the nail plate is distorted, and a raised ridge appears in the centre of the nail as it grows. White horizontal lines can also occur across the nails as a result of physical or mental stress, certain disorders, or chemotherapy. Stress can also cause your nails to become brittle and peel.

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