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How to deal with Skin Pores?

How to deal with Skin Pores?
Jan 10, 2022

what are skin pores and what's their function?

Pores are tiny holes in the skin that allow oils and perspiration to come out. They're also linked to the follicles of your hair. Pores play a critical role in your body. The oil produced by the sebaceous glands (oil glands) can reach the surface and lubricate the skin through the hair follicle. Sebum, the skin's natural oil, helps to keep it supple, moisturized, and healthy. To maintain healthy skin, you don't want to stop sebum production or decrease pores. Instead, you want to keep them working regularly.

why the pores look larger?

Except for the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet, a person's skin is covered in tiny hairs. At the apex of each hair follicle is a pore. Within each hair follicle is an oil-producing gland. The sebaceous gland is the name for this gland. The oil produced by the sebaceous gland rises to the surface of the skin and gathers in the pore.
The pore can get clogged when oil gathers in the pore and mixes with debris or cosmetics. The pore is stretched as a result of the occlusion, making it appear larger. A pimple may form if the pore stays plugged. The size of a person's pores and genetics have a role in determining how active their sebaceous glands are. Large pores are a source of embarrassment in terms of appearance.
Large pores may not be able to be eliminated, but there are techniques to make them appear smaller, such as maintaining the skin supple and preventing the pores from being blocked.

What causes pores to enlarge?

_ Acne and increased sebum production, which promotes greasy skin, or UV damage may cause your pores to seem wider.
_ Heavy makeup on a daily basis
_ Reduced elasticity around the pore: The skin becomes less flexible at this point.
_ When the pore at the end of the hair follicle becomes blocked, the volume of the hair follicle increases.

How to prevent pores to be enlarged?

Face washing in the morning and at night

Face washing is the most fundamental kind of skin care. Cleansers that remove extra debris and oil without fully draining your skin of moisture are the finest. It is advised that you wash your face up to twice a day, or more if you sweat a lot or participate in sports. Use lukewarm water and a mild cleanser that is nonabrasive and does not include alcohol, then gently apply the cleanser with clean fingertips. For at least 30 to 60 seconds, massage the cleanser in circles across your whole face and neck. Rinse your skin completely and wipe it dry with a clean towel, but don't scrape or massage it.
Washing your face twice a day, in the morning and evening, helps to remove oil and debris from your pores. This might help them blend into the background.

Choosing cleansers that are based on gels

People with oily skin who wish to minimize the appearance of their pores can use a gel-based cleanser. Oil-based and alcohol-based cleansers should be avoided since they might irritate the skin. A moisturizing cleanser may leave residue in the pores, causing them to become more oily. A gel-based cleanser aids in the removal of oil from pores, hence minimizing their appearance.

Applying moisturizer on a regular basis

It may seem counterintuitive to moisturize greasy skin. An oil-free moisturizer, on the other hand, can aid to decrease pore expansion. One of the most common mistakes people with oily skin do is skipping moisturizer out of fear of adding extra oil to their complexion. Moisturizing creams assist your natural sebum in penetrating deeper layers of your skin rather than remaining on the surface in pores. This not only helps to lessen the look of oiliness, but it also helps to thoroughly condition your skin. Your skin may create even more oil if you don't use it. To help hydrate and soften the skin, one should wash and pat it dry, then apply a moisturizer softly. Moisturizing reduces the visibility of pores by preventing them from being blocked with oil.

Using products that are based on water

Oils are among the active substances included in moisturizing lotions. We advise utilizing oil-free cosmetics, such as water-based makeup. Rather than oils, those with oily skin will benefit from humectant-rich products. Humectants in skin care products include honey and urea.
Petrolatum, coconut oil, and other types of oil are found in oil-based goods. They efficiently hydrate the skin, however they may not be appropriate for those who have oily skin or wide pores. Excess oil on the skin can clog pores and make them look bigger.

Before going to bed, always remove your makeup

It's vital to protect your skin when you're out in the sun. The skin dries out when exposed to the sun, making pores appear larger.. Due to a buildup of makeup, oil, and germs, sleeping in makeup overnight can cause the pores to get clogged. Cleansing wipes are useful when you need to remove makeup quickly.


A person with oily skin should exfoliate once or twice a week to eliminate debris, dead skin cells, and excess oil that can block pores. Beta hydroxy acids, such as salicylic acid, and polyhydroxy acids, such as lactobionic acid, which assist reinforce the skin's barrier function, may be found in suitable products from reputable Source, as well as mandelic acid for sensitive skin. Exfoliation twice a week is optimal to avoid drying out the skin. Exfoliation helps keep pores unclogged, but if the skin becomes too dry, pores might seem larger.

Placing a clay mask over the face

Once or twice a week, applying a clay mask helps eliminate excess oil from the pores. This is due to the concept that clay absorbs sebum. Getting rid of the oil might help prevent pores from becoming more apparent and look enlarging . Because over-treating the skin might create irritation, it's best to do this on a separate day than exfoliating. extra Irritation can make pores expand and flaws to emerge.

Putting on sunscreen

Don't let oily skin keep you from using sunscreen; it's a must-have for everyone. It's vital to protect your skin when you're out in the sun. The skin dries out when exposed to the sun, making pores appear larger.. Sunscreen is found in several moisturizers. People should pick one with at least an SPF of 30.
Keeping the skin supple means keeping it shielded from the sun. Wearing a wide-brimmed hat, applying sunscreen every day, and remaining in the shade when the sun is intense are the best methods to achieve this.

We can assist you combat your big pores here at OC Beauty Medspa

Intense pulsed light (IPL) has the ability to reduce the appearance of pores. By improving skin structure and firmness, our IPL treatments assist to address skin issues that bring attention to the pores. This procedure takes only a few minutes and is rather painless, so there won't be much downtime.

Why choosing us in OC Beauty medspa?

At our beauty clinic, patients are assured of receiving the highest level of care with advanced technology and procedures. In OC Beauty Med Spa, we believe in a personalized, expert aesthetic consultation for all of our patients. This is an integral part of our patients' aesthetic journey.
We strive to truly understand your goals and desires. Our team carefully listens to you and comes up with an individualized plan for you to achieve your goals. We evaluate your unique anatomy and after completing aesthetic contour and skin analysis, provide you with the best treatment plan to achieve your desired goals.
We are fully committed to you! We approach the consultation process in a relaxed and informative manner which allows you to have enough time to ask all your questions and feel comfortable and safe. Quality communication between you and our experts leads to an individualized treatment plan. We make sure you are well-informed about all available options as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each alternative.

We treat you like loved family members!

Here in OC Beauty Med Spa, we have genuine connections with our patients. They are not our simple clients. They are our loved family members.
We are always available to guide you through the journey. We routinely check with all our patients the day after their treatment to verify they are moving quickly toward full recovery.
We keep in touch to address any patient complaints as quickly as possible.
Even though our patients go home after treatment, their files stay opened on our desk so we can follow up with them easily.

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