How we can rejuvenate the skin of upper face?

How we can rejuvenate the skin of upper face?
Sep 27, 2022

About one-third of the surface area of the entire face is taken up by the upper face. The forehead, brow, glabella, and upper lids are anatomical markers located in the area of the face associated with expressions, emotions, and personality. The upper face's aesthetics are impacted by gravitational and inherent alterations, as well as by family issues. The aesthetics of the forehead, brow form, upper lid contour, and skin quality are the factors to take into account.

The upper face's physiology and function in part revolve around eye protection and emotional expression. Regarding the activity of the top half of the face, three primary patterns of movement may be distinguished: brow lifting, frowning, and squinting. Both young and elderly patients are impacted by the aesthetics of the upper face as a whole; the latter will also show signs of aging. Contrarily, ageing has a significant effect in the aesthetics of the mid and lower face as a result of gravitational and inherent alterations.

therapeutic presentations

Skin quality, the many lines on the forehead, the glabella and crow's feet, lateral and medial brow sagging, and hooding of the top lid are clinical presentations that call for upper face rejuvenation.


Injections of Botox have emerged as one of the most popular and efficient aesthetic procedures performed by practitioners to rejuvenate the upper face. A single session of botulinum toxin injection can effectively cure wrinkles and fine lines on the upper face with minimal expense and no downtime. Botulinum toxin can successfully diminish dynamic lines and also stop the deterioration of static lines or skin creases by relaxing the muscles that cause dynamic lines to emerge during facial expression.

Frown lines

The vertical lines between the eyebrows known as glabella frown lines can give off an angry or exhausted appearance. The "number 11" lines are the term used to describe these lines. Injecting botulinum toxin into the glabella complex muscles makes it simple to smooth out frown lines and give the face a more relaxed, youthful expression.

Horizontal forehead lines

When one's eyebrows are elevated, horizontal forehead lines are visible. These grow more noticeable with age because to the decrease of skin suppleness and collagen. The main cause of these lines is genetic aging. Smoking and sun damage are other contributing factors that exacerbate wrinkles. An elderly and worn-out appearance might result from excessive and deep forehead wrinkles.

Wrinkles around the eyes

The term "crowsfeet" describes the wrinkles that emerge at the outer corners of the eyes and get deeper when you smile. Aging has the tendency to make them worse. Crow's feet can be greatly reduced with the use of botulinum toxin. When carefully injected in the glabella and crow's feet, botulinum toxin can assist to open up one's eyes in addition to eliminating wrinkles and fine lines in these regions. As a result, one's eyes appear brighter and they appear less weary.

Facial Rejuvenation With Fillers

Patients with just dynamic lines have a very effective therapeutic choice in BTX A alone. Those who have both dynamic and static lines should start by administering the necessary dosages of BTX A to the dynamic lines. The patient is reevaluated after two weeks, at which point static line fillers can be applied. As there is no or very little muscle action after BTX A injections, fillers have been proven to last longer. Static lines may also become better with further BTX A injections every 4-6 months.

Rhytides might not always respond well to therapy with type A botulinum toxin

Soft tissue augmentation should be used to treat these individuals. Motivated individuals who have imprinted lines that do not disappear after a single injection of botulinum toxin type A are treated with fillers in the forehead and crow's feet regions. In certain situations, we employ soft tissue fillers. Hollowing of the infraorbital ridge is one primary indicator of facial aging (the medial portion of which is known as the tear trough). The periocular aesthetics can change dramatically when the infraorbital hollow is given a more youthful look.


Skin quality treatment for upper face

Similar to the rest of the face, the forehead and top lid skin has a similar texture and is susceptible to both photoaging and chronological aging. Chronological or intrinsic skin aging is a universal and unavoidable process that is largely defined by changes in skin function at the physiologic level. Contrarily, photoageing is brought on by excessive sun exposure and is thus visible on skin that has been exposed to the sun, such as the forehead. These two concurrently occurring, overlapping processes help to modify how skin ages overall.

Chronically aging vs photoaging

Chronologically aged skin has a number of benign neoplasms and appears dry, pallid, and wrinkled with fine lines and some degree of laxity. On the other hand, photodamaged skin exhibits both shallow and fine wrinkles as well as deep furrows and seems dry. Frequent findings include extensive telangiectasias, freckling, lentigines, guttate hypermelanosis, and premalignant lesions such actinic keratosis.

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