Midface Rejuvenation by Injecting Fillers

Midface Rejuvenation by Injecting Fillers
Dec 13, 2022

In recent years, both the materials used for cheek augmentation and the procedure's objectives have changed significantly. We need to comprehend the mid-face region in order to comprehend these progressions.

Where is midface located?

The mid-face encompasses all the bone and soft tissue compartments that are located in the region between the eyes and the mouth. This region contains a number of fat components that are either superficial or deep to the skin. The entire exterior structure and look of the face are greatly influenced by these deep fat pockets. The cheeks often sag toward the lips and nose as we age in this region. As a result, the transition between the mid-facial and lower face is more obvious, and the patient's smile lines deepen and become more permanent.

Patients could also observe that the volume and shape of their outer face have diminished. This section includes a number of components.

How aging alter the midface?

 First of all, as we age, our midface fat pockets shrink or atrophy. The loss of fat in these compartments results in a "falling" face because these regions play a significant role in determining facial topography. Patients frequently remark that the area surrounding their mouth has fallen cheeks. Due to the atrophy of the fat compartments above, the cheekbone is also thinner and more pronounced. Second, as skin ages, its composition changes as a result of an increase in water content relative to collagen and hyaluronic acid. Skin turgor is reduced as a result of this.

Therefore, little adjustments to the mid-facial can significantly improve a patient's look not just there but also in the lower face, particularly in the area surrounding the lips.

Inner cheek injection vs outer cheek injection

In the past, the size of the inner or medial aspect of the cheeks was the primary concern when we wanted to boost cheek volume. The region right below the eyes is referred to as this. Patients have, however, expressed concern that this might change both their smile lines and the look of their eyes.

However, most contemporary methods concentrate on treating the lateral or outside cheek. This refers to the region immediately below and outside of the eye. To provide these compartments more capacity, this region is injected. The outcomes provide the face a lifting appearance.

What can I do to restore the volume to my midface?

By enhancing the cheeks' apex, apple, and hollow, dermal fillers like Voluma and Sculptra are utilized to correct volume loss in the midface. By adding more lift to the midface, these dermal filler injections aid in restoring a young complexion.

How do facial fillers function?

Hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring molecule in the skin that hydrates and volumizes tissues by attracting and binding water, is the major ingredient in dermal fillers. We lose this binding molecule as we age, are exposed to UV rays, and are stressed by the environment. This results in thinned, wrinkled, and tired-looking skin. Dermal fillers are injections of a smooth gel that increase volume and hydrate tissue beneath the skin, giving the face a fuller, youthful appearance.

Is it best for me to have dermal fillers?

Dermal filler injections are a great option for those with wrinkles, fine lines, and volume loss in the face. Modern dermal fillers seldom cause adverse responses in patients because of their biocompatible components. However, there is a chance of infection with any injectable medication. If you want to know if dermal fillers are a good choice for you and safe to use, speak with our experts about your medical history and any personal concerns you may have.

How long do outcomes persist?

Patients can anticipate outcomes from dermal filler treatments, such JUVÉDERM, to reduce fine lines and wrinkles to last up to 12 months. For up to two years, Voluma and Sculptra can add volume to the midface. Ask our experts for advice on what to do next and when to make follow-up or refresher consultations.

Skin quality is crucial as well

Skin rejuvenation is equally important to the midface's renewal. On the face, frequent pigmentation abnormalities include melasma, hyperpigmentation, sun spots, dyschromias, and photoaging. Skin resurfacing is therefore necessary for impressive outcomes. There are various ways to accomplish this.

IPL for sun damage, chemical peels for uneven blackness, and radifrequency-microneedling devices like Profound and Fractora can all be used to treat midface skin quality concerns.

What about a midface lift with surgery?

The mid face lift is becoming increasingly popular with men and women who have drooping cheeks and deep nasolabial lines (the folds that run from the base of the nose to the corner of the lips).

Small incisions are made behind the hairline during a mid face lift by the surgeon. Lifting the drooping cheek results in a smoother, firmer surface. Nasolabial lines, often known as laugh lines, are simultaneously smoothed out on both sides of the mouth. A more young and revitalized appearance is the ultimate result.

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