Nonsurgical Nose Job And How It's Done

Nonsurgical Nose Job And How It's Done
Feb 02, 2023

This method can also be used to fix a nose that looks crooked. Your front view may show a concavity that makes your nose look twisted. A straighter, more aesthetically pleasing appearance may result from filling the concave area. 

Our Med spa in Orange County provides the best non-surgical nose jobs. Further, we'll discuss the fundamentals of a non-surgical nose job and how we go about it, so don't miss a word.

The Basics 

Non-Surgical nose jobs are also called non-surgical rhinoplasty or liquid rhinoplasty. The process consists of injecting filler agents like hyaluronic acid under your skin to momentarily change the structure of the nose. 

If you've heard of the famous 15-minute nose job, you know of the wonders non-surgical nose jobs can do. It is able to change the shape of the nose for up to 6 months. 

This procedure is perfect for people who are looking for a small adjustment without committing to a proper surgical nose job which can not only be a huge commitment emotionally but also monetarily. Going under the needle can be a relatively complicated process. This gives you the opportunity to get your nose done and see how it feels before going for the real deal (or not).

How Non-Surgical Nose Jobs Change Nose Shape

Dermal filler components are used in non-surgical nose jobs to change the shape of your nose. 

Under your skin, a gel-kind of injectable component (mostly hyaluronic acid) is injected into the areas where you want to add volume or smooth out wrinkles. Additionally used on occasion is Botox. 

The filler component keeps its shape after settling into the deeper skin layers into which it was injected. Depending on your skin type, the effects you want, and the chemical you use, this can alter the appearance of your nose for a period of 4 months to 3 years.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty can affect the shape of the nose in a mild to moderate manner. Although it can't remove any tissue or make the nose smaller, it can level things out. A deep nasal bridge, a convex or concave nose, or any other indentations. Even without reducing its width, some procedures, such as shortening the nose tip, can provide the appearance of a narrower nose. 

Non-surgical rhinoplasty may improve function. According to some doctors, this claim is debatable. 

The Actual Procedure 

Compared to surgical rhinoplasty, the liquid rhinoplasty treatment is quite straightforward. 

Your doctor will ask you to lie down with your face tilted up after a consultation, during which you can discuss your desired outcomes, demands, and expectations. In order to prevent pain from the needle, a topical anesthetic may be given to your nose and the surrounding area. 

Your doctor will inject the filler into the region around your nose and maybe the bridge of your nose after the anesthetic takes effect. While this is being done, you can feel a mild pinch or pressure. 

It can finish in as little as 15 minutes or as long as 45 minutes.

Targeted Areas 

Your nose's bridge, tip, and sides are the areas that a non-surgical rhinoplasty mainly focuses on. Almost any area of the nose can get fillers injected to change its contour. 

This method is effective if you wish to: 

  • Eliminate any minor bumps on your nose. 
  • Make the tip of your nose stand out by giving it additional volume. 
  • Lift your nose's tip. 
  • Conceal any mildly obvious bumps on the bridge of your nose and smooth down the profile of your nose. 

Who Is It For 

You are potentially a good candidate for rhinoplasty if:

  • Your facial growth is fully complete
  • You are healthy physically
  • You don't smoke
  • You have an optimistic outlook and realistic goals in mind for the improvement 

After Care 

Pre-Care Tips

Many consumers worry about developing noticeable signs of receiving dermal filler therapy. You may minimize apparent bruising and swelling and heal as quickly as possible by following a few simple procedures. The more precisely you adhere to these instructions, the quicker you will heal and the less noticeable the symptoms will be.

Two days before and two days after treatment, refrain from using any blood thinners (such as alcohol, aspirin, vitamin E, some herbal treatments, and supplements). By avoiding anything that can thin your blood, you can reduce your risk of bruising and reduce the likelihood of bleeding. 

Tips For Swelling And Bruising 

To minimize swelling and bruising, use:

  • Hot compresses. They can be made by soaking a clean cloth in very hot water, wringing it out tightly, and then placing it over the face to direct the heat and steam there. Repetition is advised ideally every 2 hours. 
  • Benadryl Allergy Relief (which contains acrivastine) takes effect in 15 minutes when taken as directed. 
  • Arnica lotion before retiring to bed will help reduce bruising.

Dermal Filler Aftercare

The treated area may experience minor redness, swelling, discomfort, and itching right after treatment. This is a typical injection outcome. The trouble is only momentary and usually goes away within a few days. 

Since you will be swollen immediately following the procedure, the results should not be taken as the final outcome. 

Six hours after the treatment, refrain from touching the treated region. Following by a mild wash with soap and water, the area can be lightly covered with makeup. 

Avoid subjecting the treated region to extremely hot or cold temperatures until the initial edema and redness have subsided.

Now that you're here, get in touch with us today and get that non-surgical nose job you've wanted for a while.

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