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Tips for Face Washing: How to Wash Your Face Correctly

Tips for Face Washing: How to Wash Your Face Correctly
Dec 14, 2022

How to keep your face clean and clear throughout the day?

Washing properly has a lot of advantages. Getting rid of dirt and debris might aid in acne prevention. Removing pollution accumulation from your skin minimizes free radical damage produced by particulate matter in the air, which is related with premature aging. Additionally, cleaning your face is important to remove dead skin cells that accumulate on skin and cause dullness; by sloughing them off, you reveal healthier, more vibrant skin.

Have you have poor skin? Or do you have unfavorable skin habits?

The difference is significant. The first thing to remember is that you have good skin. Secondly, routines can be changed. The most fundamental—and startlingly simple to do wrong—first step to having good skin is cleansing. Check to see whether you're not damaging your before you accuse your skin of persistent irritation or continual overdrying (that, apparently, 80 percent of Americans are making).

Have appropriate skin routines

Maintaining good skin needs effort. Happy skin is a consequence of good behaviors, much like keeping your stomach happy starts with appropriate eating habits. The most fundamental habit, face cleansing, is the one that most of us get incorrectly.

Use Cleanser not soap

Traditional bar soaps tend to use harsh surfactants like sodium lauryl sulfate to remove dirt, filth, oils, and your skin's moisture barrier since they lack a pH balance (although a new generation of cleaning bars is changing that). That sensation of being spotlessly clean after using soap? Your skin barrier is deteriorating, which causes moisture loss and an increase in free radicals.

Select  the Right Cleanser

It's simple to assume that face wash is so fundamental that choosing which one to apply to our skin doesn't require much attention. However, the cleanser you bought because it was effective for your friend's skin might not be effective for you. Salicylic acid-containing cleansers are excellent for balancing oil-prone face, but they are less effective for dry skin, which would benefit more from a moisturizing cream cleanser.

 Wash Your Face Enough

Although it is tempting, skipping the pre-sleep cleansing is detrimental. Actually, your skin works the hardest to rejuvenate throughout the sleep cycle. Your skin's natural healing cycle is not optimized by rubbing it in unclean makeup, smog, and extra oil. Similar to how a morning wash can appear unnecessary, it prepares your skin to absorb that pricey serum you just spent your last salary on.

Don’t overwash Your Face

This is for my gym rat friends that sneak in a third face wash following their lunchtime workout. Overwashing can have negative effects such as increased dryness, irritation, or oil production. The triple-cleanse shouldn't be a daily ritual unless you're working up a big sweat. Twice is enough

Makeup Wipes and facial Cleanser to remove makeup

Be sure to completely remove your makeup before turning in for the night. By doing this, the possibility of skin irritation from the makeup itself can be reduced. Your typical facial cleanser might be sufficient to remove light makeup. The waterproof, long-wear makeup that certain facial cleansers aren't designed to break up and remove may be removed with the help of makeup wipes. However, you cannot simply remove your makeup and call it a day. Additionally, using a makeup wipe to wash your face carries the danger of rubbing too much, which can harm your skin and irritate it without truly cleansing it.

Don’t use really Hot Water

Contrary to popular belief, hotter water does not always result in cleaner surfaces. When the water is the appropriate temperature, lipids—essential elements of your skin's natural defense system—easily dissolve. The warmer the water is on your skin, the greater the risk you have of eliminating the oil barrier that gives your skin balance, protection, and hydration. Even while it could make the experience less enjoyable, using lukewarm water will stop skin irritation.

You’re Scrubbing Too Hard with Your Towel

Rub, don't pat. Don't choke in the last hour by rupturing your skin's elasticity with a rough towel and forceful dry-down after washing your face with a pH-balanced cleanser (not soap), using tepid water (not hot), and gentle circular movements. That is a one-way trip to drooping skin and early wrinkles.

After cleansing, apply moisturizer as directed

While you certainly want to thoroughly clean your face, you don't want to severely deplete the skin of its natural oils or cause it to become dry. He advises sealing in hydration with a little moisturizer after washing.

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