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What are jowls and how can you fix them?

What are jowls and how can you fix them?
Oct 25, 2022

It's common to refer to drooping skin below your chin or jawline as having "jowls." As people age, almost everyone starts to have jowls. It takes place because as you age, your skin gets thinner and less elastic. People with thicker skin, more fat, or more collagen in the region below the cheekbones and chin may develop jowls that are less obvious. Due to their genes, environment, and way of life, some people may never acquire jowls.

What causes jowls?

loss of elastin and collagen

Over time, you lose a lot of collagen and elastin in the region below your jawline and around your cheekbones. The connective tissue in your body is structured by the protein collagen. Your skin can bounce back to its previous shape even after being stretched thanks to a different protein called elastin that is present in connective tissue.

When these proteins are lacking, the cheek skin surrounding your mouth becomes looser and less firm. It then sags and reaches the area on each side of your lips and chin as a result of gravity pulling it lower.



Additionally, your DNA may affect whether you develop jowls and how noticeable they become over time. If either your parents or you have jowls, you are more likely to develop them. If you naturally have thin skin or little collagen and elastin in your skin, you could start to show jowls at a young age. In your teens or early 20s, you might begin to develop jowls.

environmental and lifestyle factors

Your environment or lifestyle choices are two more causes of jowls. These include:

The skin on your face or neck may droop if you make certain facial expressions often.

When you gain weight, your skin stretches to cover greater body mass, which leads to weight loss. When you lose weight, the stretched skin could droop.

Collagen damage to your skin might result from excessive sun exposure and ultraviolet (UV) radiation. This may cause skin to sag earlier.

Smoking: Nicotine and chemicals in cigarettes can ruin collagen and elastin. Furthermore, smoking may narrow your blood vessels. Blood flow is restricted as a result, and your skin is deprived of the vitamins it needs to be healthy, such vitamin A.

Using computers or phones: Over time, the skin around your neck might become less elastic if you spend a lot of time using a computer or staring down at a smartphone. "Tech neck" can be another aspect of these jowls.

If I already have jowls, what then?

Treatment for jowls that are drooping or that seem droopy or saggy has a number of possibilities. Your skin might seem less sagging and tighter after surgical operations like neck lifts. Peels, RF needlings, and laser treatments can alter the makeup of the collagen in your skin without requiring surgery. In order to conceal empty regions near the jowls, fillers might be employed. When you go out, you may also hide your jowls with clothes and cosmetics. Check out these jawline exercises if you're more interested in DIY remedies.

Operative choices

Surgery to remove jowls is often performed in a hospital setting or in the office of a cosmetic surgery expert. To get to know the surgeon and be sure that they are qualified to perform the treatment, be sure to speak with them before setting up your appointment.


a facelift or neck lift

Using general anesthesia throughout this procedure. A few days to a few weeks are needed for recovery. In order to reshape your jawline, a neck lift, also known as a lower rhytidectomy, involves removing fat, tightening muscles, and shifting the skin around your neck. Typically, the incision runs into your hairline and is made in front and behind your ear.

Non-surgical alternatives

Some treatments can be completed in an outpatient clinic without the need for surgery. Since they don't demand for general anesthesia, these operations often have less hazards. The outcomes, though, might not be quite as dramatic.

Profound and Fractora for Jowls

These devices use a combination of microneedling and radiofrequency energy technologies to rebuild the features of the face, particularly the jowls, and successfully tighten loose skin. they use fractional technology that has been authorized by the FDA to tighten and smooth the jowls. Elastin and collagen production rises as a result of the microneedling technique's stimulation of the skin's healing response, maintaining the skin's youthful and healthy appearance. The tissue beneath the skin is concurrently heated by the radiofrequency energy. The fat is molded by the heat, lifting and firming the outlines. The RF microneedling procedure reduces jowls and produces results that are smooth, contoured, and youthful.

Skin fillers

Hyaluronic acid is the substance that dermal fillers are formed of. Your neck and chin can also receive injections of this substance to fill up jowls and make them seem less sagging. To keep your skin taut, certain fillers might encourage your body to manufacture more collagen. Hyaluronic acid, a vital compound essential for supplying and maintaining moisture and nutritional levels in our skin cells, is the mechanism through which jowl fillers function. When injected again into specific places, such as the jowls, lost hyaluronic acid is properly replaced, giving the skin a much more hydrated and youthful appearance. This wonder chemical reduces as we age.


Dermal fillers range in price depending on your insurance company and the quantity you want. Apart from infection, fillers don't pose many dangers.

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