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What Are the Best Dark Spot Treatments?

What Are the Best Dark Spot Treatments?
Sep 06, 2022

Black patches on the skin are a typical symptom of hyperpigmentation, a condition that makes certain areas of the skin darker than others. In some areas of the skin, melanin production is higher than typical. Melanin gives the eyes, skin, and hair their colors. Excess melanin causes spots or patches to look brown, black, gray, red, or pink. The color of a person's black spots may vary depending on their skin tone. The patches have the same texture as the surrounding skin and are not uncomfortable.

where can you find the dark spots?

Dark spots can appear on any region of the body and come in a variety of sizes, although they are more prevalent in locations that are frequently exposed to the sun. Although the regions are not uncomfortable or unpleasant, they may cause people to feel self-conscious. A number of dietary and lifestyle adjustments, including sun protection and skin care, might be beneficial.

Do they need treatment?

Although some people may decide to have dark spots on their skin removed for aesthetic reasons, they are not a medical problem and do not require treatment. People may refer to various forms of dark patches on the skin as age spots or sunspots depending on the reason.


When are these dark spots coming?

Although they can develop at any time, middle age is when they most frequently do. They are often caused by prolonged exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light from tanning beds or artificial ultraviolet (UV) light from sunshine. The size of dark spots varies as well, and they might appear on the face or other locations that are frequently exposed to the light.

Where are they located?

These places are prone to dark spots:

hands' backs/ face/ shoulders and back of body

A patch that is a few shades darker than the surrounding skin may disappear after 6 to 12 months in persons with darker complexion. It may take years for deeper color to dissipate. Deep color changes occasionally appear blue or gray, even though a patch may be a significantly darker shade of brown than a person's natural skin tone.


Here are several causes of dark patches that might occur:

Sun exposure

As a result of exposure to the sun or tanning beds, people might have black blotches on their skin. Sunspots, solar lentigines, and liver spots are further names for these spots. On body regions that are exposed to the sun the most, including the face, hands, or arms, sunspots are more prone to develop.

Hormone adjustments

Small patches of skin discoloration are a symptom of the skin disorder melasma. Women are more likely to have the illness, particularly during pregnancy. Melasma may be brought on by hormones.

side effects of medication

Dark patches on the skin might result from some drugs' increased skin pigmentation. Tetracyclines, psychiatric medicines, and hormone prescriptions are the main offenders.


Following an episode of skin inflammation, dark patches may form. Eczema, psoriasis, skin injuries, acne, and other conditions can all cause inflammation.

Wound healing

Dark spots may remain after an insect bite, burn, or cut heals. These may fade with time.


Cosmetic skin care or hair products can irritate the skin and lead to the development of dark spots.

How to get rid of skin darkness

Even if dark skin spots don't need to be treated, some people might still desire to have them removed for aesthetic reasons. A specialist might recommend lotions or treatments to brighten black spots or, in certain situations, eradicate them. The source, size, and location of the black spot on the body may all affect the optimal course of therapy.

Treatment options:

Light & Laser treatment

There are several types of lasers. An strong pulse light is the most popular type of laser used to treat black spots on the skin. The light disperses the black patches by illuminating the melanin. To treat dark regions, an intense pulse light (IPL) is employed. Dark skin cells absorb the light that is produced by the laser head, which is roughly the size of a postage stamp. A skin cell will eventually be destroyed as it absorbs more energy the darker it gets.

The dead skin cells then move to the skin's surface and start to peel off. The flaky black areas are simply peeled off. Skin cells nearby are unharmed and continue to function normally. They lack dark pigment, thus they cannot absorb the laser energy.

Chemical peels

Applying a solution to the skin results in an exfoliation of the surface, which stimulates the creation of new skin. On the skin, it could progressively lighten dark patches. These have salicylic acid or glycolic acid, which exfoliate the skin's top layer. The skin below may become healthier and more uniformly toned as a consequence. However, there is a chance of skin irritability.

a skin-lightening lotion on prescription

Bleaching the skin is how prescription lightening lotion functions. The appearance of black spots is normally reduced over the course of many months. The creams' active component like hydroquinone, stops the skin from developing melanin. Products on prescription often range in strength from 3 to 4 percent.


It might not always be able to stop the emergence of black patches on the skin. For instance, it is impossible to avoid the hormonal changes that might occur during pregnancy and cause melasma. However, there are certain things people may take to lessen their risk of developing black spots and stop them from growing darker:

Even when the sun is not extremely strong, use sunscreen every day with an SPF of at least 30.

To further protect the skin, put on sunglasses and a hat with a wide brim.

Treat skin problems that may cause inflammation, such as acne.

In the morning, stay out of the sun. and 1 to 4 p.m. when it usually is at its strongest.

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