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What are the early signs of skin aging?

What are the early signs of skin aging?
Sep 15, 2022

As we age, sun, harsh weather, and unhealthy habits are just a few of the factors that can damage our skin. However, there are things we can do to keep our skin appearing fresh and young . Your lifestyle, nutrition, genetics, and other behaviors will all affect how quickly your skin ages. For instance, smoking can result in the production of free radicals, which were formerly stable and healthy oxygen molecules. Free radicals harm cells, which can result in premature wrinkles among other problems.

There are many other explanations. Normal aging, exposure to the sun (photoaging), pollution, and loss of subcutaneous support are the main causes of wrinkled, spotty skin (fatty tissue between your skin and muscle). Stress, gravity, regular face movement, obesity, and even sleeping posture are additional variables that accelerate skin aging.


Wrinkles and fine lines on the skin are the first symptoms of aging. At the outer corners of the eyes, laughter lines or crow's feet, which are little, shallow creases, frequently appear. These may start to show around the age of 30, but everyone ages differently, and our lifestyle and genetics both have an impact on how we age. The forehead then develops wrinkles after these tiny lines. Dynamic wrinkles are those that first appear solely when our skin moves in response to changes in our facial expressions. They deepen and eventually turn into permanent wrinkles that are noticeable even when our face is at rest as we age. Vertical lines between the brows might develop when you frown.

Loss of volume

It might be challenging to spot a decrease of face volume and features. Lipstick bleeding is frequently one of the first indications of lip volume decrease. Sagging skin, a flattening of the cheekbones, and the impression of a "turkey neck" are frequently brought on by a loss of facial volume. It alters the general aspect of the face, making it appear gloomy, depressed, or worn out. The nasolabial fold, which forms between the nose and the lips, is likewise connected to drooping skin and a loss of volume.

elasticity loss and severe wrinkles

Our skin loses suppleness and firmness as we age and its structural integrity deteriorates. Additionally, skin dries out, looks more "crepey," and lacks the brightness that we associate with young skin. Again, because our skin is as unique as we are, these changes become apparent at various ages, although those over 50 are the most likely to encounter them.

Eye bags and/or Dark Circles

Adulthood is associated with less sleep and increased environmental stresses, which contribute to the widespread problem of dark circles and under-eye bags. While using makeup skills to conceal them is a quick cure, the dark circles won't go away on their own.

Use retinol-based eye cream to assist the skin around your eyes that is thinning. Aim for the recommended eight hours of sleep each night, and sleep on your back to prevent pressure sores.


Our cell-turnover rate slows down as we become older. The epidermis of our skin becomes lifeless, and we stop glowing naturally. Regular glycolic acid exfoliation will increase cell turnover and get rid of dry, flaky, dull skin, combating dullness.

visible pores

Due to a lack of skin elasticity and gravity, pores enlarge or become more apparent as we age.

Skin dryness

Moisture is plentiful in young, healthy skin, giving it a youthful, dewy look. This decreases when the skin's ability to retain moisture is compromised. Dehydration and dryness are two prevalent characteristics of aging skin.

scaly skin

As skin ages, textural changes are more obvious. The skin that was previously baby-soft and smooth becomes uneven and rough on the surface as a result of the layers of dead cells and the slowing of cell turnover.

Blushing and age spots

The aging-related skin thinning enhances the appearance of small blood vessels. Reddish or brown patches that develop on the skin later in life are known as age spots, sometimes known as liver spots. They are mostly caused by excessive UV light exposure, and they become more obvious as we age. They give skin a blotchy look, which ages it prematurely.


Our hands suffer constant abuse. Just of all the things you can do with them, like carrying heavy objects, cleaning toilets, folding clothes, changing diapers, and petting dogs. And that only applies on the inside. Your hands are exposed to the elements once you leave the four walls of your house; the sun, rain, heat, and cold all have an impact on how our hands look. Additionally, because this is one area where your skin is thinnest, it seems sense that the loss of collagen—a protein that accelerates skin aging—is most noticeable here. To protect your hands, experts advise using sunscreen when you are outside and moisturizing them on a daily basis.. Even while hand aging begins in your 20s, most individuals won't become aware of it until they are in their 30s.

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