What is liquid rhinoplasty by fillers?

What is liquid rhinoplasty by fillers?
Sep 08, 2022

An individual's look can be substantially affected by a nose that is misshapen or asymmetrical. Unfortunately, unless they are ready to undergo rhinoplasty to reshape the nose, not much can be done about how the nose appears. That was the situation in the past, at least.

Dermal fillers, sometimes referred to as non-surgical rhinoplasty, can improve the look of the nose when used on the proper patient.

Liquid nosejob: what is it?

Non-surgical nose jobs, also known as non-surgical rhinoplasty, liquid rhinoplasty, liquid nose job, nose filler, and other names, continue to gain popularity as a result of the development and improvement of various injectable fillers available on the market today. In this procedure, injectable substances are utilized to modify the nose's form for aesthetic purposes. Although this procedure is typically NOT intended to enhance nasal breathing, for some patients it serves as a temporary substitute for surgical rhinoplasty.

What products are utilized in non-surgical nose jobs?

A non-surgical nose job involves the use of injectable fillers (and sporadically neuromodulators like Botox) to alter the contour of the nose and enhance the harmony and appeal of the entire face. Hyaluronic-acid based fillers, such as those from the Juvederm or Restylane families, are typically used to alter the nose's look and conceal particular regions.

How is the process going?

In our office, numbing creams are frequently used to make patients more comfortable during procedures. Any face injection causes some slight pain, although it is often quite minimal. The actual operation often only lasts 10 to 15 minutes, and many patients are comfortable going back to work or school right away.


Who is a suitable candidate for an alternative to surgery for the nose?

When it comes to addressing mild to moderate flaws in the nose, dermal fillers provide a less invasive, non-surgical option. Dermal fillers can treat many common aesthetic nasal faults, but they are not appropriate for big or thick noses, nor are they ideal for structural abnormalities that cause breathing difficulties.

Best nose candidates:

a wonky bridge on the nose

a sagging nasal tip

having an uneven nose

a minor to significant nose bump

The best candidates for a non-surgical nose job are people who have a bump or hump on the bridge of their nose, poor nasal definition (like a broad, wide, or flat nose), or asymmetry of the nose. Additionally, patients with a drooping nose tip may benefit from injectable fillers. Botox and fillers may occasionally be used together to elevate the nasal tip. The nasal tip may not rotate up in certain circumstances, but with the help of our skill and injection procedures, we may create the illusion that it does.



What is the price of a non-surgical nose job?

The price of a non-surgical nose job varies depending on the patient, injector, and market. One syringe or less of filler can be used to conduct very minimal alterations on certain individuals, while more syringes of product and the addition of Botox or another neuromodulator are required for others. In our office, we employ the precise quantity of filler required to get the desired results for each individual patient and offer a fixed cost for non-surgical nose jobs. Non-surgical nose jobs are typically less expensive than rhinoplasty surgery, but the results need to be repeated over time to maintain the treatment's results because they are not long-lasting.


What is the lifespan of a non-surgical nose job?

The procedure and product utilized will determine how long a non-surgical nose job takes. Depending on the substance used, injectable fillers can last 12–18 months or longer around the nose. In most patients, the effects of Botox endure for 3–4 months, although even when employed, this is just a tiny part of any non–surgical nose job. The filler will eventually be broken down by the body, and the effects will gradually fade. When a patient is ready, the therapy may always be repeated if they are satisfied with the outcomes. When they are prepared to repeat the procedure, we let the patient decide. Consider rhinoplasty surgery if you're primarily interested in lasting modifications to your nose.

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty Advantages

Dermal fillers can only be used in a smaller range of situations than rhinoplasty, and the results are not long-lasting. Non-surgical rhinoplasty does, however, provide a number of advantages for those who are dubious about their readiness for the procedure. The following are a few of the most noteworthy benefits of dermal fillers for the nose:

rapid diagnosis and almost immediate outcomes

There are no scars, incisions, or sutures.

minimal to no discomfort during recuperation or therapy

Recovery doesn't require any downtime.

Minimal edema and side effects

more reasonably priced than rhinoplasty surgery

In the event that patients are unhappy with the outcomes, the treatment can be stopped.

When Surgical Rhinoplasty Is Best

For all the benefits of non-surgical rhinoplasty, there are times when traditional rhinoplasty is best. Our patients may be better suited for rhinoplasty when:


The nose is too large or wide in proportion to other facial features

Imperfections (like bumps, asymmetry, etc.) are more pronounced

Breathing issues are present

Permanent results are desired

Previous dermal filler treatment has been successful and patients are ready to move forward with surgery

Why choosing us in OC Beauty medspa?

At our beauty clinic, patients are assured of receiving the highest level of care with advanced technology and procedures. In OC Beauty Med Spa, we believe in a personalized, expert aesthetic consultation for all of our patients. This is an integral part of our patients' aesthetic journey. 

We strive to truly understand your goals and desires. Our team carefully listens to you and comes up with an individualized plan for you to achieve your goals. We evaluate your unique anatomy and after completing aesthetic contour and skin analysis, provide you with the best treatment plan to achieve your desired goals.

We are fully committed to you! We approach the consultation process in a relaxed and informative manner which allows you to have enough time to ask all your questions and feel comfortable and safe. Quality communication between you and our experts leads to an individualized treatment plan. We make sure you are well-informed about all available options as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each alternative.


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Even though our patients go home after treatment, their files stay opened on our desk so we can follow up with them easily.


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