What is Fractora®?

Fractora® skin treatment is an anti-aging therapy that restores the skin's young look by reducing wrinkles and slowing the visible aging effects. Fractora® will make you look and feel younger.

What is the mechanism of Fractora®?
Fractora® uses several pins to transfer radio waves to the skin. Localized heat and microscopic micro-lesion spots are produced by these pins. The pins' heat penetrates deep into the skin, encouraging collagen remodeling. Because the micro-lesions are dispersed, the skin heals more quickly. The skin may be heated in a controlled manner using radio-frequency radiation. The skin's look will be considerably improved by the heat.

Who is a good candidate for Fractora® treatment?
Individuals who are generally in good health can be considered for Fractora® treatment. Fractora® is ideal for those who want to avoid a facelift but yet want younger-looking, tighter, and regenerated skin.

What should I expect from my consultation?
Our experts at OC Beauty Med Spa will discuss your concerns and examine your skin type and tone. We'll also talk about what to expect and the outcomes of your treatment. Following the consultation, our personnel will photograph the treated region. The photos are for a comparison of before and after. Before the procedure, we will apply a numbing agent or give you an oral drug to help you relax. For a single session, the numbing and treatment will take around an hour. Following the operation, we will provide you with any necessary aftercare instructions.

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Before Fractora

Before Fractora

After Fractora

After Fractora



After 1 Session

After 1 Session

Acne scar before Fractora

Acne scar before Fractora

Acne scar after Fractora

Acne scar after Fractora


frequently asked questions

Yes! Fractora is a non-invasive and minor procedure. Our experts have comprehensive knowledge and good experience of this treatment. We assess your skin type and thickness to find the best treatment settings for you.

To attain the desired outcomes, several sessions may be necessary. Between Fractora treatments, patients must wait roughly 4-6 weeks.

During the fractora device procedure, there may be some little pain. We provide a choice of pain relief options based on your pain tolerance. Before beginning therapy, we always administer a topical numbing medication to the affected region. We provide pain relief by oral medicine or nerve blocks for people who are more sensitive to pain.

The effects are frequently long-lasting. Patients may require extra treatments as they age to counteract the effects of aging on the skin.

Depending on the size of the region, the operation will only take around 30 minutes to one hour. Approximately 10-15 minutes before to the procedure, providers will administer numbing cream. We ask that patients set aside one hour for therapy.

Preparing your skin for treatment is critical. Sun/wind exposure, including tanning beds, should be avoided for at least 4-6 weeks prior to the procedure. You should also stop using any anti-inflammatory medications with your doctor's consent. These drugs might make you bleed thinner. If you're on Accutane Therapy, you'll have to stop taking it for six months. Within 24 hours following the surgery, avoid consuming alcohol. Before and after your treatment, drink lots of water.

The recovery period is brief, and most patients may return to their usual activities within two days. Redness and bruising are possible, but they usually go away within a few days. After the procedure, you will need to apply ointment to your face 2-3 times a day for around three days, or until you have healed.

The majority of patients will experience improvements within 2-3 weeks after therapy. Once the initial redness and irritation have subsided. Because Fractional Laser induces collagen renewal, the effects might last for 3 to 6 months. Most patients benefit from a series of treatments spaced around 4-6 weeks apart to allow their skin to recover.

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