Before undergoing laser therapy for a scar, it's critical to be aware of these fundamental facts in order to get outstanding outcomes

    1) Laser therapy can  lessen the visibility of a scar, but it cannot erase it like an eraser. Thanks to current developments in medicine, laser therapy can:

-Prevent the formation of a raised scar after surgery

-improve the repair process of skin after surgery so scars will be less visible

-Reduce scar discomfort and itch

-Increase your range of motion if a scar restricts it

When you have laser scar therapy, one scar is changing to a less apparent scar.

     2) The laser treatment technician's talents have a significant impact on your results. Many different types of scars can be safely treated with laser therapy when performed by a qualified professional. The outcomes of your laser treatment might not be what you're hoping for if the individual administering it lacks medical skill and skin-specific understanding. It may even be harmful.

     3) A medical evaluation is essential prior to receiving any laser therapy. Stay wary from anybody who offers to treat your scar without first consulting a doctor. It's crucial that the OC Beauty Medspa practitioner administering your laser treatment knows about you. Everyone is different. The person administering your laser treatment must take into account your skin type, the features of your scar, and your general health in order to cure a scar efficiently.

Please inform us if you experience any of the following during the medical consultation:

possess any illness, such as diabetes


Take any vitamins or prescription drugs.

It's crucial for us to understand the outcomes you anticipate from the course of therapy. Be truthful.     

     4) After laser therapy and before, sun protection is essential. We are unable to treat you with laser therapy if you arrive with a tan or sunburn. Using a laser might result in a severe burn or skin discoloration.

After receiving laser therapy, you must keep your skin out of the sun while it recovers. Your skin might get another scar if the sun's damaging rays touch the area you had treatment on.


    5) Before therapy, you might need to adjust a few aspects of your lifestyle. We advise patients to: in order to recuperate properly and experience the most benefits from laser therapy.

Before receiving laser therapy, give up smoking for at least two weeks.

For two to four weeks, refrain from using skin care products that include retinoids or glycolic acid.

If you are prone to acquiring cold sores, take medicine to prevent getting them.

Avoid using a sunlamp, tanning bed, or the sun. If you are sunburned or have a tan, you cannot be cured.


      6) Laser therapy might not be the only component of your treatment approach. Dermatologists frequently combine scar treatments in order to provide patients the greatest outcomes. For instance, if a patient has severe acne scars, we may use a laser, microneedling, and even filler injection to treat the scars.


    7) You require many laser procedures. We arrange a series of laser treatments in order to provide a patient with long-lasting benefits and the most improvement. When utilizing a kind of laser known as a non-ablative laser, this is frequently required. With this laser, there won't be any downtime, but you could require a few laser sessions to get the desired results.

     8) You'll need to take care of the laser-treated region at home after the procedure. You will get the greatest results and avoid any potential side effects by following our advice for at-home maintenance after laser therapy.

    9) It takes time for results to show. Laser scar therapy takes time to work, so you might not see any improvement right away.

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